Submersible Well Pumps

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Introducing our reliable and versatile submersible pumps, a powerful solution for various water pumping needs. This high-performance pump is specifically designed to operate underwater, providing efficient water transfer and drainage in diverse applications.

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Built with durable materials, our submersible pump offers long-lasting performance in both residential and commercial settings. Its robust construction ensures reliable operation even in harsh environments and challenging conditions. Equipped with a powerful motor,

our submersible pump delivers exceptional pumping capacity, efficiently moving water from wells, boreholes, sumps, or other water sources. With a range of power options available, you can choose the pump that suits your specific requirements, whether it’s for small-scale household use or larger-scale industrial applications.

Power Rating

0.55 KW, 0.75 KW, 1.1 KW, 1.5 KW


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